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Frequently Asked Questions

What is iParhai? iParhai is an e-learning solution, which provides personalized learning to everyone.
What is personalized education? Personalization implies that each learner is provided with a personalized curriculum, which is suitable for the learner.
How is personalization achieved? Using state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) based techniques, we determine the right level of content for each learner. We also specify the right mode of learning for the learner.
Are there other means of personalization as well? Yes, content is personalized using an intelligent mechanism. The profile of the learner (such as age, gender, demographics, etc.) is also utilized to compute the personalization contents.
Which courses are being provided? As a prototype, we are providing Grade 1-5 Mathematics.
Which curriculums are covered? We have adopted the curriculum using Sindh Text Board, Oxford, and Single National Curriculum (SNC).
Will you be adding more courses and more classes? Yes, we will be gradually adding more classes and courses.
Have you received any awards/recognition? We have received awards from the USAID and the Young Entrepreneurship Summit.
Are you funded? We received initial funding from the National Center for Artificial Intelligence (NCAI).
What is your motivation? Our motivation is to facilitate access to quality education for everyone.
How is iParhai beneficial for individuals? iParhai is advantageous for individuals as they can supplement school education with iParhai. This provides an adaptive platform to strengthen their school education.
Can iParhai benefit schools and colleges? Yes, iParahi can benefit schools and colleges as well. They can acquire bulk subscriptions for students. This can be used for homework/assignments/ analytics etc.
How can we acquire more information? If you need more information, please send an email to
How much is the cost? The cost is nominal. We would like to provide quality education at an affordable price. However, to begin with, we are offering iParhai free of cost.