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About iParhai

iParhai is a unique concept of providing personalized education to every learner. Personalization implies that curriculum contents (such as videos, games, and assessments) are personalized for each learner. Through advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques, iParhai determines the recommended curriculum so that learning could be enhanced. Each learner receives the contents which are most appropriate for her. Personalization provides enhanced and enriched experience of learning.

About the Founder

iParhai has been founded in the year 2022. The founder, Dr. Jawwad A Shamsi holds a PhD. in Computer Science from Wayne State University, MI, USA. He is currently serving as a Professor of Computer Science and Dean Computing at FAST-National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences. The founder has a vision to provide quality education for everyone. Motivated by this vision and aim, iParhai is keen to provide

Acheivement And Awards

iParhai won the National Center of Artificial Intelligence research fund award in the year 2021. iParhai has also won USAID award in 2021 and Young Entrepreneurship Summit award in 2022.